November 30, 2017 Quartzsite, AZ

Quartzite, AZ" Roadrunner" 14 day BLM Campsite
Quartzite, AZ” Roadrunner” 14 day BLM Campsite

A Short Layover in Quartzsite, AZ

After a week atop the mesa known as Poverty Flats in Overton, Nevada, on Wednesday I headed another few hundred miles south to Quartzite, Arizona.

Other than all but being blown off the mesa when a cold front roared through, my time in Overton was rather uneventful and was spent getting reacclimatized to being on the road again. The winds that accompanied that cold front were predicted to possibly get as high as 45 mph, but in actuality easily exceeded that. In my 14 years with this motorhome, I have never experienced anything like those winds. Early on, I was forced to pull in the slide outs as they sounded like they were going to get ripped off. Even with the jacks down, the rig was rocking such that I actually did wonder if it could possibly get blown over. Of course, the fact that I had parked myself at the edge of the mesa and was oriented such that I was mostly broadside to these gusts roaring up the slopes of the mesa, obviously, did not help my situation.

At the height of these gusts I actually did get out of the Rv and moved the Prius that was parked next to the motorhome and would have been in harms way should the Rv have been toppled. It was all I could do to try and keep myself upright once outside and after moving the Prius out of harm’s way, I found it took all my strength to get the motorhome door closed against the wind.  The winds finally subsided around 10 PM and I was able to get some sleep.  A fine grit of desert sand was deposited in all the window slide tracks and there was a visible coating of that same fine grit covering every flat surface inside the RV despite the fact that the windows were obviously closed all through this event. Hope to never experience anything like that again!

While in Overton, it was time for my first “on the road” blood work to be done to monitor how my new maintenance regimen with Revlimid was going. The nearest place I could find that could do the blood testing was the hospital in Mesquite, Nevada, about 45 miles away. They would draw the blood and do the testing, then fax the results to my oncologist back in Bend, Oregon. Turns out, it wasn’t anywhere near as difficult  a process as I feared it could possibly be, though the registration process for the drawing of one vial of blood took over an hour  ( and required over 24 sheets of forms ) for a blood draw that took only 5 minutes of waitroom time and four minutes to perform the blood draw.

On to Quartzsite

Quartzite, AZ" Roadrunner" 14 day BLM Campsite
Quartzite, AZ” Roadrunner” 14 day BLM Campsite

I really have nothing planned for my stay here in Quartzsite, I just happen to enjoy this particular spot to boondock out in the quiet of the desert. I have camped in this exact spot before and maybe I could do a little hummingbird photography as I do have several hummers coming in to the feeders I have set out in the tree by the motorhome door.

The Revlimid I have to take for my myeloma is a controlled substance that can not be dispensed like other prescriptions at your local pharmacy, but has to be FedEx’ed out to me from a specialty pharmacy in Fort Worth, Texas. The logistics involved have had me little scared since they will only ship enough to cover one month at a time. Being constantly on the move means I have to have them ship to a different location every month using a FedEx “hold” location in the area that I happen to be near. For this first time having it shipped to me on the road, I have been able to successfully arrange to have it shipped to a location in Yuma, my next destination just 80 miles down the road, for pickup on Wednesday. I certainly it will be be there when I arrive since the specialty pharmacy intentionally will ship it only on the day my existing supply is exhausted. I certainly can see where this will undoubtably be a problem at some point down the road, say like on a return trip up through Canada on the way to Alaska. This wouldn’t be a problem if I settled down, but I really would like to stay on the road as long as I am physically able to do so. And I do have my mind set on doing the return to Alaska this coming summer.

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