October 3, 2019 Canaan, New Hampshire


Bog Road in Enfield, NH

I lived and photographed in the Enfield area for over 30 years and this short wetlands section of Bog Road in Enfield Center has always been the go to spot for early fall color, and this year is no exception.

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The bright maples along the water’s edge and the greens and subdued colors farther up the mountain background make for some nice shots.

But on an overcast morning like this was, with barely a breath of air moving, this is the place to get some very interesting foliage reflection shots.

I hope you agree!

I spent about two hours here this morning before the breezes came up and patiently walked the quarter mile stretch of road searching for the best vantage points for these reflection shots.

This road services several gravel pits so there is a bit of heavy truck traffic and every time one would pass, there would be a several minute interruption in shooting theses reflections, waiting for the grasses to stop swaying and the wind blown water ripples to subside.

I usually used those interruptions to shoot more of the colorful surroundings of the wetland.

If you are ever in the area on a calm, overcast morning in the fall, this place is worth a look.

I will probably spend another day here visiting my sister and then head over into Vermont to check out the color at the higher elevations along Route 100.