May 4, 2016 Ute Lake State Park, New Mexico

Roadside Wildflowers
Roadside Wildflowers

Waiting on Weather, Planning for the Summer

I had a pleasant surprise waiting for me when I arrived at Ute Lake State Park here in Logan. Having no internet at Conchas Lake S. P. I came here to take advantage of a fairly strong internet signal for my Verizon JetPac, but was amazed to find a workable, actually useable WiFi system in the campground! Today, after a week in this campground, I reupped for another five days so I could maybe finalize summer reservations through the Colorado mountains. Plus the mountains just north of here where I am headed next, had a little snow dumped on them over the last few days, so I am going to delay moving up in elevation for a few more days.

I had no idea how tedious and difficult, and expensive it was going to be to try and find a way to spend time in the cool upper elevations of Colorado this summer. My eyes are going buggy, being glued to the internet for 6 or 8 hours a day attempting to find places to camp on this trip through the Rockies. Everything is expensive, as in $50 or $60 night for private campgrounds, even $35 night for Colorado State Park campgrounds, most of which seem to be booked solid anyhow. I would love to be able to boondock in National Forest campgrounds or on BLM land, but that is always an adventure if you are not familiar with the area, and I have never really spent any time in Colorado.

Anyone out there that has any advice on camping in Colorado, I would be thrilled to hear from you.

I have booked 2 weeks in Estes Park at Saint Mary Lake CG at the end of August through Labor Day and a couple weeks at Ridgeway State Park Campground in the middle of July. Have visited most of the National Forest campground sites, but they are always risky for larger motorhomes.

Ute Lake State Park, Logan, NM

Ute Lake State Park Campsite
Ute Lake State Park Campsite

This place has been a pleasant surprise in many ways. Without a doubt, the largest sites I have ever seen in a state park. I took the image above while standing at the start of the drive for the neighboring campsite, that’s not a road, it is the pull through site next door. Each site, and there are three rows of them, is at least 40 feet wide and close to a hundred feet long, with a picnic table on a concrete pad with overhead shelter. Even room for wildlife , as you can also see in the image above ( plenty of cottontails as well as jack rabbits ). Water and 30 amp electric at each site and a dump station at the park exit.

Ute Lake State Park Campsite
Ute Lake State Park Campsite

Nothing terribly glamorous about the campground, just a large open field, with minor views of the lake, but I have enjoyed my stay here and definitely would return again at this time of year. Very few people in the campground now, even over the weekend, so no need for reservations. Not a lot to see in the area, but it has been a great spot to get some computer work done.

The only major ding here is that the dogs are really having a tough time with the sand burs, or goatheads, they can’t go more than 5 or 6 feet in any direction and they are hopping on three legs until one of those three picks up another bur, then they are stopped in their tracks. And the little &%**%$ things are nasty to the guy that has to come to the dogs’ rescue and try and get these things out so they can do their business. They will be happy to leave here.


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2 thoughts on “May 4, 2016 Ute Lake State Park, New Mexico”

  1. Here is a great resource for National Forest Campgrounds: They provide good details about ALL the NF CG’s which are large enough for vehicles. In each CG listing they show the general size of the campsites. Also very detailed directions to each CG.

    When we had our 40′ diesel pusher from 2007-2010 we spent a lot of time in Colorado NF CG’s. Yes there were some which were a little tight to get into, but with careful driving we had a lot of great stays. When we weren’t sure if we could get into a CG we parked the rig and drove our Toad to check out the CG.
    Here is a summary blog entry of our Colorado travels in 2009:
    And the start or travels that year is here:

    1. Thanks much. I have made reservations for the summer in a couple of these, and will be exploring the others when I get near them. Thanks again, very helpful.

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