February 13, 2017 Ogilby Road BLM Area, California

Campsite at Ogilby Road BLM Area, CA
Campsite at Ogilby Road BLM Area, CA

Another Peaceful Desert Campsite

After an eight week stay at Imperial Dam LTVA, I packed up and headed west a few miles to the Ogilby Road 14 Day Stay BLM Camping Area.

Campsite at Ogilby Road BLM Area, CA
Campsite at Ogilby Road BLM Area, CA

This is a place where I camped two years ago and had a bit of luck attracting enough hummingbirds here to be able to do some nice photo sessions with these fascinating little guys. Upon arrival I set out the bird feeders and am patiently awaiting for guests to arrive.

Ogilby Road BLM Area
The Wash in Front of the RV

I am parked next to a wide wash with a considerable amount of shelter for the birds so I am hopeful they will soon discover me.

Dental Care in Mexico

In the meantime … moving here has placed me a little closer to the small Mexican town of Los Algodones. This small border town is a mecca for US and Canadian folks in need of inexpensive dental and/or eye care. You do have to see the place to believe it, nothing like it that I have ever encountered. One of the dentists I have been seeing at Desert Dental Care says there are around 300 dentists in town … and at this time of year they are all very busy.

Map of Los Algodones, Mexico
Map of my Walking Trip in Los Algodones, Mexico

Last Wednesday, I made my first ever day trip across the border to check this place out. I chose to park in the large parking lot on the US side ( $6 for the day ) and walk across the border. One simply walks into Mexico, no border checks or anything, quite a bit different from crossing back into the US.

I had carefully researched dental options here on the internet and had read recommendations from other full-time RV’ers who have had work done here. In the end I chose Desert Dental Care and started some major work there on that very first trip across the border last Wednesday. I will do a complete report in the next blog about the experience since my work should be completed this week.

SPOILER ALERT ! The worst part of this cross border dental work is the return to the US, not the root canals or crowns or extractions, but the almost unbelievable waits to get back into the US and the seeming lack of concern for US citizens by the US Customs management team. More on all of this in my next blog entry.

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3 thoughts on “February 13, 2017 Ogilby Road BLM Area, California”

  1. I am also curious to hear about your dental experience and border crossing.
    I’m also looking forward to some hummingbird pictures. I hope they show up for you..

  2. I’m very curious about this Mexican dentistry thing that Americans and Canadians seem to love. Can’t wait to hear about your experience. What do you do with your pets?

    1. Unfortunately, just the one pet these days and I leave her in the motorhome set up out in the desert. Temps are only in the 70’s now and with the awnings out and the windows open, the rig doesn’t get all that warm. theres a pretty good breeze out of the north most days, so it really isn’t a problem. In another month or so, it most likely would be too warm to do this.

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