July 20, 2017 Bend, Oregon

Denali Caribou Acrylic on Canvas 18" x 24"
Denali Caribou Acrylic on Canvas 18″ x 24″

New Acrylic Painting

I managed to complete a second acrylic painting this week and am sort of pleased with the result, although there still is a lot of room for improvement. Spent the better part of week painting and repainting the foreground and finally left this version since I want to move on to another subject. If interested, you can right click on the image and see a larger version of the painting.

When I was doing watercolors several years ago, I always struggled with foregrounds and I guess that will not be changing now with acrylics. The one obvious advantage of working with acrylics rather than watercolor is that you can paint over your mistakes and try again, not so with watercolor. This scene is a composite of two photos I took in Denali National Park two summers ago. The caribou, the most magnificent specimen I have ever seen, I encountered on the road into the Teklanika Campground where I was camping. The mountain in the background, of course, is Mount McKinley, as viewed from the park road halfway into the Park.

I may well redo the foreground for the about the tenth time at some point in the future when I have a better handle on exactly how to handle these ( new to me ) acrylic paints, but for now, I will call this done and move on to my next painting, a couple of Great Egrets in breeding colors, involved in an aerial territorial dispute.

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2 thoughts on “July 20, 2017 Bend, Oregon”

  1. By foreground do you mean the immediate diagonal swathe of grass the caribou is standing on? If so, I think it works fine, mimicking the diagonal of the foothills. Just my opinion. Great painting!


    1. Yes, that’s it. Still doesn’t quite work for me, but sometimes these things seem to end up working out after living with the painting a while, so we’ll see. Thanks.

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