August 18, 2017 Bend, Oregon

My Backyard or the View From My Door
My Backyard or the View From My Door

Heading to Portland and Hospital Wildlife

Just a quick post to let you know I’m still around.

Today I make the 175 mile trip to Portland for my first visit with the myeloma specialists at the Oregon Health and Science University Knight Cancer Institute Center for Hematological Malignancies Clinic. That’s a mouthful. Yesterday I started my fourth round of chemo here in Bend and my oncologist figures that with the continued good results that perhaps the process can be speeded up a bit and so the referral to OHSU and the specialists to see where, and how quickly, to go from here.

Blood work now shows that my kidney function, that was dangerously close to needing dialysis in May, has now returned to completely normal function and most other indicators show me nearing remission. Of course, that is great news, but the worst part of this, mentally, is knowing that no matter how great this rapid positive response has been, in the back, make that the front, of my mind, I know that this disease always makes a return. Quality of treatment can make that wait for the return a bit longer, but this thing always comes back. Knowing that both of my parents survived into their nineties, and that I have never been sick in my adult life, I always assumed I had another 15 or 20 good years left. Hard to adjust to hoping to survive for five or hopefully a little more years, and that only made possible with continued, and very expensive treatment and drugs. This for a person that has never taken any kind of drugs or medicine , ever.

All right, enough for the kind of post I said I didn’t ever want to write.

Hospital Wildlife

Really not much happening for me here in Bend. The hot 90’s weather has continued on unabated and some days it does get a little smoky from forest fires in the region, but not too bad. And the temps do always drop to 60 or less every night plus the humidity must be very low, because the heat just doesn’t seem that unbearable. not like down south, or even back in New Hampshire when it reached the 90’s there.

Had an interesting experience here on the hospital loop road’s camping spot Tuesday morning at 5:30 AM when I opened the motorhome door and let Sam out to go. I am now in a space with no other rigs on my passenger side, just an expanse of lush mowed grass ( that’s the reason for the strange opening photo above ), and as Sam hopped down the steps, I saw a young Mulie buck lift his head from his early morning grazing and stare at this possible nearby threat. He was no more than twenty feet from where I stood in the doorway and must have figured that ten pound Sam wasn’t anything to be terribly concerned with ( since Sam never even realized he was there ) and that I also wasn’t going to be bothering him, so he simply stood his ground and resumed grazing. Adjusting my eyes to the darkness, I then noticed that he was not alone, two other young bucks were also nibbling grass or clover within 50 or 60 feet of door.

Made some coffee and sat in my recliner gazing out the window in this same direction, as I do every morning, and I noticed yet more deer grazing through the same area, including one very impressive older buck with an antler spread of two feet or more that rose at least eighteen inches or more above his head. Unfortunately too dark to photograph or count points but definitely one of the most impressive Mule Deer bucks I have encountered at such close range. In all, this in-city bachelor herd numbered seven or eight animals and lingered around for close to half an hour under the street lamps before heading across the road, not into the surrounding apartment complexes, but into the hospital’s expansive parking lots and towards the main hospital buildings. Amazing what goes on in the early morning hours, even here in the city.

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4 thoughts on “August 18, 2017 Bend, Oregon”

  1. Excellent news. All you can do is keep going forward doing what you have to do, what you want to do and the fates decide the rest.

  2. I’m continuing to raise up prayers for good health and good chemo results!! Guess the prayers are reaching the Great Physician and being returned to you. Yay!! Hi to Sam…furry support through all of this is a great healer, too!!

  3. Glad to hear that you’re still around! Sucks that you’re dealing with this cancer nonsense, but it’s great that you are able to enjoy life with Sam out in the great outdoors still. I hope that you are going to be able to see the eclipse, at least more of it than we’ll see here. Some UV news: MJ is working at Junction Frame now. Lisa got a kick out of that, you can imagine. I hope that things continue to go well and that you meet or exceed your parents’ standard!

  4. Very good news concerning your treatment. I too was downhearted knowing the reality of what cancer can do, especially when my oncologist wanted to leave my medi-port in for a year after treatment in case “it” came back sooner than they expected. That was 2004.

    Loved your story about the deer and glad you are in a site that opens up to a grassy area. Oh, it’s the little things like this that makes us appreciate nature when we have to live amongst concrete. It’s amazing how wildlife have to adjust to human intrusion.

    Live the day.

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