October 18, 2017 Bend, Oregon

" Autumn " 18' X 24" Acrylic on canvas
” Autumn ” 18′ X 24″ Acrylic on canvas

Hoping to Escape Soon

Had snow flurries here in Bend twice last week and almost got myself stuck in the snow on a trip up into the mountains Monday, so am really hoping I can get out of here pretty soon before I am marooned here for the winter.

Completed the 5th round of chemo on September 27th and I guess the cumulative affect of all that poison in my system finally caught up to me. My oncologist said the goal in fighting this disease into remission is to get in between four and six rounds of chemo, so the fact that I managed five rounds before running into pain and leg weakness he felt was good enough. I now wait a few weeks for the drugs to get out of my system and then begin taking Revlimid for my maintenance therapy. I can’t lie, the side affects of this drug do scare me, but I guess I have little choice in the matter, will have to wait and see. So I will have to stay here a bit longer as the doc will start me off with as light a dose as possible and then monitor my response for a couple of weeks.

In the meantime, I continue my attempts to figure out how to use these acrylics. The image at the top of the post took me a little longer to complete than I like but I ended up kind of pleased with the outcome. You can right click on the image to see a larger version since there is a lot of detail in this painting.

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14 thoughts on “October 18, 2017 Bend, Oregon”

  1. I work with TNH Specialty Pharm. 818-988-1288 for my revlimid. – Might be worth a try to contact them. My insurance is Blue Cross Blue Shield Adv AZ. Would like to see you get out from under this worry – one less thing to think about. Wishing you luck with this. Take care.

    1. It took two weeks to complete the paper work but my Revlimid is supposed to arrive tomorrow and I can finally get started with this next step toward getting out of here and heading south. Snow is forecast for here through the weekend so it already is too late be around here and I have to stay at least two more weeks so my oncologist can do some blood testing and see if the dosage needs adjusting. On the $ front, I have been told that Celgene, the drug maker, has decided to supply the drug at no cost to me, needless to say, at around five grand for each four week supply, that is an enormous financial and mental burden lifted, at least for now. Thanks again for your help.

  2. You definitely have the hang of acrylics! Great job! Keep up the painting and knocking cancer out of the park…your body!!

  3. Hi, just want you to know I am rooting for you.. Have MM as well – been 4 1/2 years now on Revlimid and honestly the two side affects that just can’t get out from under are fatigue and really having to watch greasy food intake/or spicey food. You are going to do just fine and keep painting! Love your work and have always loved your photography!! Willing to help with any questions you might have on getting through this ok. Take good care, Andrea

    1. Sorry to hear you have gone through this but happy to hear that you are still going strong, hope I can say the same in 4 or 5 years. Thanks for the words of encouragement! At this time, my main concern is the delay in being able to obtain the Revlimid ( almost two weeks now, still back and forth with paperwork ) and the financial burden cloud over my future related to the cost of this drug. Without some sort of financial aid, my annual costs are going to be around $12,000 after what my insurance may pay. My initial reply from the specialty pharmacy handling my case is that all available programs for payment assistance are out of money for MM and are not accepting any applications, so this has me more than a little alarmed about my financial future.

  4. Wow! Your painting is beautiful! Great work! Praying for good health and minimal side effects from the concoction of drugs for your treatment.

  5. Will be praying for you… I learned something this morning.. I am Christian… anyway I have a Diesel pusher and find I am getting Fiesel fuel in the oil.. I took it in this morning.. So the lesson was.. here I am worried about the high cost of the job.. and you are fighting for your life… I felt bad and learned… I guess God was teaching me a lesson..
    Blessings Henk

  6. I opened up you Blog a while ago and you are talking about treatment..Could I ask you what you are taking treatment for please.. I am praying for you

    1. Multiple myeloma, specifically light chain disease, an incurable cancer of the blood that often can be “treated”. I know a couple other full time RV’ers that have made it to 5 or 6 years after diagnosis and are still here, so here’s hoping.

  7. Wonderful picture! So very glad to hear from you! Hope you get out before the snow really flies! We are marooned in Enfield. House not sold yet. No renters – probably a good thing cause the last ones left some problems to fix. Please get out soon – I know the medication is difficult. Please take care.

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