September 15, 2019 Shelburne Falls, MA

The Bridge of Flowers

You will have to forgive me and I apologize in advance for the excessive number of photos in this post. I waited several days for a foggy morning to be able to get the best results for this unique attraction.

This is an old trolley bridge that has been repurposed into a very attractive flower display. I used to walk this bridge eons ago when it did have plantings on it, but nothing like what it has today.


The bridge has one of the nicest assortments of Dahlias I have seen since visiting the Roosevelt Cottage on Campobello Island, Canada, just off the coast of Lubec, Maine.

I am heading out to the coast Tuesday for seafood and my beach/Atlantic Ocean fix. Don’t know if I will find anything to photograph at Salisbury Beach, MA, but I am looking forward to fried clams and lobsters!

5 thoughts on “September 15, 2019 Shelburne Falls, MA”

  1. Oh my….no apologies necessary….stunning photos, the flowers are simply amazing!
    Thanks for sharing all of the with us.

  2. Beautiful. I tried to grow dahlias in Houston a few years ago. Too hot or something. I really like the water reflection. Have a lobster for me.

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