September 21, 2019 Jonesport, Maine


Pearl Exploring the Blueberry Barrens

Blueberry Barrens Forever

I arrived at the Pleasant River RV Park in Addison Saturday afternoon after a long (expensive) trip north on the Maine Turnpike. Having never stayed here before, and reading that there were only 6 campsites here, I was pleasantly surprised to get this very nice spot with full hookups and a nice view.

Sunrise the next morning!

I came through some startling colors in vast blueberry fields, I think they are called barrens, on the way down to the campground. So soon as I was settled in, I drove back out to see if I could get any decent late afternoon shots. These wood ducks merit a return to the side road I found them on, but my noisy approach, as I was not expecting to see wood ducks, spooked an entire flock of them.

There is some color here and there on roadsides, with some vivid colors in the wetlands and around the pond edges. Certainly not peak foliage here yet, but the blueberry barrens are another story!

I went back Sunday morning to see if I could get some better color with the early morning light.

Driving the narrow, very dusty gravel roads through the barrens, I had to just keep shooting away, so, once again, I apologize for the number of photos, but the colors fascinated me.

Incredibly, looking at images of these blueberry barrens online, I don’t believe these are at peak color yet, but still impressive to me as I have never encountered  them before.

The fields are picked clean this time of year, but on a few little steep hillsides heading into the woods, there are areas that the mechanical harvesters probably can’t access, leaving a few berries here and there. Being a commercial operation, I did not get out and pick any of these, though I was tempted!



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