September 26, 2019 Addison, Maine

 Downeast Shots

I was up and out at the crack of dawn today as the clear skies at the campground promised me a chance to get some early morning boat shots. Only 6 miles later, as I turned into Jonesport and waited to cross the bridge to Beal Island, in came the fog.

As always, right clicking on a photo will open a larger image in a separate window or tab.

I was a little disheartened by the sudden loss of good light, but proceeded across the bridge anyhow to at least check out the lobstermen’s wharves and I am so glad I did. Ended up getting some nice moody, fog shots before the skies cleared.

Just had to go back to the blueberry barrens to see if the color there had intensified any after a week.

Again, I was just amazed at the colors.

I had planned to leave here Saturday morning and head to the White Mountains to see if there was any color there yet, but I am torn since I am enjoying myself so much here in Addison.

I meant to take pictures of my amazing lobster dinner here at the campground the other night, but instead just sat down and dug in when the two pound and three quarter lobsters were delivered to my door. For $6.50 a pound, my hosts here at the Pleasant River RV Park, will let you pick out your own lobster (s) from their onsite lobster pound, then cook it (them) and deliver it (them) to your door. How can you beat that? You can’t even buy fresh lobster for $6.50/lb, much less have it cooked and delivered to you. The campground owner catches these lobsters himself, so you know they are fresh … and they also were delicious!

5 thoughts on “September 26, 2019 Addison, Maine”

  1. Those blueberry barrens are pretty sweet, but we are getting color in the Upper Valley, so it’s likely that the White Mountains are getting it too. Hope to see you when you visit the UV!

  2. Hi Bob. I like the area you’re in, and some good pics also. I’m also a big fan on dining on lobster, and have read several recent articles about how the lobsters keep moving north to find cooler water as the oceans keep warming up. Plus, over-fishing may have decimated the lobster populations. Did you hear of either of these conditions while you were visiting, and was the area busy or not with fishing activity?

    1. Haven’t read anything about a decline in lobsters around here, but roaming among the lobstermen’s wharves and seeing the thousands of traps stacked up on land, makes one wonder how the population is maintained despite the massive fishing efforts.

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