September 28, 2019 Addison, Maine

Last Chance at Jonesport Boats

Late yesterday afternoon I headed down to Jonesport to take my final shots of the lobster boats moored in the various harbors there and on Beal Island.

The setting sun provided some very nice lighting as I stumbled over the Jersey Barriers at the bridge construction site in order to get out to a point where I could get these shots of the Jonesport boats.

Then it was over the bridge to Beal Island.

The backdrop for a lot of the shots from Beal Island are the buildings in Jonesport.


Finally, as the sun set, I hurried out to the end of the road on the island to get a last shot of these colorful boats.

I stumbled off the wharf here in near darkness. And so ends my stay in the Jonesport area, still my favorite spot on the Maine coast, far enough up and out of the way to avoid the crowds of tourists and an old seaport town that still supports a large fishing/lobster fleet.

2 thoughts on “September 28, 2019 Addison, Maine”

  1. Love the pictures. Maine is one of the places I’ve always wanted to see, and have never had the opportunity to go there. Thanks for showing us some of the lovely scenery you have seen.

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