September 29, 2019 Twin Mountain, New Hampshire

Boats, Blueberry Barrens, and New Hampshire Foliage

Since I woke up at 3 AM this morning, I sorted through some more of the images from my stay in the Jonesport, Maine area. As you can see from the image immediately above, my search for foliage in New Hampshire began as soon as it got light.

Still fascinated by the bright colors of the lobstermen’s wharves on Beal Island.

Interesting what I discover when working on these images on the computer.

I certainly didn’t notice him at the time I took the shot, but sitting way up there in the top of a tree on the small island is a bald eagle.

Can’y say it actually adds anything to the image, I just found it interesting to discover it when processing the image.

More from the blueberry barrens in Cherryfield, Maine.

Still am fascinated and love the colors …

… and the patterns out here.

On to New Hampshire

Around 6 AM there was enough light to start out on my hunt for foliage.

These first several images were taken in near darkness as I waited for the fog and/or light cloud cover to move out.

By 9 o’clock the sun made it’s appearance.

After reading the foliage reports, I wasn’t sure what I would find today and was pleasantly surprised to find as much color as I did.

Color at the higher elevations is probably close to peak right now while at the lower elevations, it still has a ways to go.

I might make note of the fact that a Sunday morning, with blue skies and areas of great foliage brings with it some serious traffic! And everyone is either cruising slowly rubbernecking for foliage or blowing by people at 80 mph, making for some very dangerous driving.

I plan on heading back out and retracing my path from this morning after watching the Patriots/Bills game. By duplicating my trip, I will get to see what the light from the West reveals as opposed to this morning’s light from the East.

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