September 30, 2019 Twin Mountain, New Hampshire

A Trip North to Moose Alley

As I headed north from Twin Mountain early in the morning, I became more than a little concerned about the day’s prospects as the thick fog lingered for over two hours and 70 miles of travel.

About all I could shoot in the fog were a couple of closeups of some bright foliage such as this maple …

… and a really interesting clump of sumac.

As always, right click on any image for a larger version in a new tab or window.

At last as I approached Colebrook, NH, the fog lifted and finally I could see some of the color I had been missing.

After an unsuccessful hunt for moose on Moose Alley, all the way to the Canadian border, I turned around and headed back home.

I encountered these wild turkeys, a Mom and her brood, feeding on the shoulder of the very busy highway in front of the Mount Washington Hotel. Mom seemed to be on the watch for cars while the youngsters fed. All through this trip around both Massachusetts and New Hampshire, I have been amazed at the number of turkeys I have seen, easily hundreds so far, from individual Toms to flocks of fifty of more feeding in fields.

No moose on Moose Alley but here on Route 102 in Vermont, right along the Connecticut River, I came around a bend and there this young guy was, casually strolling down the center of the road.

These shots were taken through my windshield as I slowly followed him down the road. Every now and then, for a quarter of a mile, he would stop and gaze back at me, then continue on his way down the road.

Finally, with a car approaching in the opposite direction, he decided to continue his journey in the woods.  With hunting season fast approaching, I hope this young guy becomes a little more cautious stays off the roadways.

With rainy weather predicted, I probably will check out the color on the Kancamangus Highway early tomorrow morning, then break camp and head to visit my sister in Canaan, NH for a few days and check out the foliage in that area, an area I know well … since I lived in nearby Enfield for over 30 years.

2 thoughts on “September 30, 2019 Twin Mountain, New Hampshire”

  1. It was great catching up with you the other day. Love the paintings–especially that eagle. Happy trails to you Bob!

  2. I love the closeup of the colorful maple leaves! We in Texas are still having summer weather with 93 degrees today.

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