October 26, 2019 Lancaster, PA.

Are We Having Fun Yet?

I arrived in the  Lancaster area Tuesday, looking forward to revisiting the area and the Amish culture I find so fascinating. I was a little surprised to find the campground I stayed at the last time I was here, all but fully reserved for the weekend. I really did think the crowds thinned out a bit post Columbus Day.

View out the passenger side window

Not so, it turns out. Out of over 100 sites, I was offered a choice of two that were not yet filled for the weekend.

View out the front windshield

Now this is camping at it’s finest! Aw, the glory of beautiful sunrises, the scent of pines, the wonder of the wide open spaces, yes, all but a true wilderness experience.

View out the driver’s side window

I guess I need to return back out west, this type of “camping” is certainly not for me. And did I mention that this wonderful secluded site goes for just a little under $50 a night. Now where can you find a deal like that?

Amish Images

I really have been struggling to get inspired to take any photos of this unique landscape. The narrow backroads through Amish country have absolutely no shoulders so there is all but no place one can pull off and get out to take a shot. Years ago, when I was last here, I could more easily get photos since, at that time, I towed a trailer with a motorcycle inside, not a car as I now do. With the bike I could get off the road despite the lack of a shoulder.

Add to that, the greatly increased car traffic on these back roads and the apparent need to rush to wherever they are going, tailgating like crazy, and there being no shoulders to pull over on, one has no choice but to bomb through the countryside at 50-60 mph, not exactly conducive to enjoying the scenery.

Amish Daycare

So I will have to share some pictures I took back years ago, the first two farmscapes above were taken this year, the only images obtained in five days of driving around.

As always, right click on any image for a larger version.

Heavy rain forecasted for Sunday, then a couple of nice days predicted, maybe I might get some shots before I leave.

5 thoughts on “October 26, 2019 Lancaster, PA.”

  1. Bummer about the campground scenery; I truly think overpopulation has had an effect on where one can actually go and visit now and not be overwhelmed by masses of people.
    Some nice images however!
    I no longer think the amish are so interesting since I learned several years ago that they maintain a lot of puppy mills…..nothing like making a buck off the pathetic treatment of animals.

    1. Can’t say as I have seen any signs of puppy mills in my travels around here. Have to agree that there are just too many people everywhere now and more campers because of the vastly improved comic conditions here in the US. Hundreds of thousands of new RV’s on the road, yet very few new campgrounds being opened, makes traveling here in the East very problematic for a full timer that doesn’t want to be tied to making reservations months in advance. Will probably return back to the wide open spaces out West where I can take advantage of desert and National Forest boon docking locations, something just not available here in the East.

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