Amish farm panorama,Holmes County, Ohio

July 26 – 30, 2013 A Week in Amish Country

Haystacks and Barns at sunrise Holmes County, Ohio
Haystacks and Barns at sunrise Holmes County, Ohio

Holmes County Amish, Ohio

Took this sunrise haystacks in the field photo from behind the parking lot of the “famous” Heini’s Cheese Factory.

Barn advertising Heini cheese factory
Heini Cheese, really?

Sorry, please forgive me, but before I go on, I have to wonder what would give cause to an individual with a last name of Heini, to think it a good idea to use that name for his cheese factory. Smith, ok, Johnson Cheese Factory, yes, but Heini Cheese? Really.

The name bothered me so much, I went to Howard Butt’s cheese shop across the road for my pound of cheddar. 😉

I got myself reassigned to a new site up on the office level of the campground and now have good Verizon signal for the internet. Although the atmosphere might be better down below       ( you are located near a farmer’s enclosed deer pen and can watch his horses in their pasture ), I need the internet to work on getting this blog going.

Went down to Der Dutchman in Walnut Grove for their dinner buffet and found it a little less than it was billed. Fare was limited in choice and very ordinary, certainly, not bad, just nothing I would bother with again ( I am on a budget, so dining out has to be a rare pleasure ).

After driving around the area for a few days, I found going north and east from Berlin on 77 and 241 to be the most productive area for photo opportunities of the Amish countryside.

Image of family loading horse buggy with groceries
Grocery Shopping
Family in Horse drawn buggy
Heading to Sunday services


Haystacks and barns, Amish country
Haystacks and barns, Amish country
Amish Country Farmscape Panorama
Amish Country Farmscape Panorama

While out taking these photos, I stopped at an Amish farm stand and bought half a dozen ears of corn and a couple huge garden fresh tomatoes ( $1.25/lb what a steal ). Both were delicious!

The last two days here were rainy, so stayed in and worked on trying to get this blog going. Installed MAMP and WordPress on my iMac co I could work on this when I do not have an internet signal. Also reenrolled with ( a great resource I highly recommend to anyone wanting to learn just about anything ) to take a few WordPress courses. This is starting to eat up more of my data usage with Verizon than I like and I am sure I am going to be paying some overage charges this month spending all this time online.

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