Foggy Morning, Mackinac Bridge

August 2, 2013 On the Road

Upper Peninsula of Michigan to Grand Rapids, Minnesota

Traversing the Mackinac Bridge
Traversing the Mackinac Bridge

Crossed over the Mackinac Bridge just after dawn and with foggy, hazy conditions, couldn’t get any decent images of a very impressive structure. Wide enough lanes for the motorhome, although it might have seemed a bit tighter if there had been any other traffic on the bridge with me.


Route 2 west on the Upper Peninsula is quite a nice drive, mostly in fair to good shape, a little washboardy, with lots of Roadside Parks and Rest Areas. Stopped at a couple of the Roadside Parks, where they had picnic areas and sandy beaches with people swimming in Lake Michigan. Weather was once again very nice after the early showers, temps in 70’s with blue sky all day. A little more traffic than I expected, but nothing bad except in the one or two large towns Route 2 passes through. Scenery nothing spectacular but sections with views out over Lake Michigan were quite nice.

Wisconsin Route 2 again was pleasant farmland and rolling hills, pretty, but nothing that made me want to stop and stay a while. The road was quite bad in most places, really needs some work.

Probably as a result of road conditions, I had my first close call with the Toad today. With the washboard roads, the front right side wheel harness on the Prius all but let go. When I stopped for gas and did my normal go around check, I realized I would have to dismount and remount the Toad. Fortunate that I did, because when I went through downtown Superior, the roads were so bad ( as bad as anything I have ever experienced, all through the downtown area ) that 15 mph had me fearing I was going to lose the motorhome’s suspension and surely would lose the tow dolly. Had to slow to about 7 or 8 mph in an attempt to keep the wheels on the road. No place to stop and check if I was still in one piece so was very relieved after 15 minutes of this to see the entry ramp for the bridge to Minnesota.

After crossing the bridge into Duluth, I managed to lose Route 2. Whether there simply was no signage or whether the road construction confusion had me missing the sign for Route 2, I do not know. It soon became evident that I was off my route so I stopped for a quick map check, had to turn around and then got put on another construction detour that again just about destroyed the motorhome and I finally limped back on to Route 30 that would get me back on Route 2 and gratefully saw a sign for the welcome station just ahead.

But of course, Route 2 veered off just short of the rest area. So, I figured I still had a few more hours of daylight, no reason to panic, and there has to be a Walmart or a rest area somewhere down the road. Turns out, there isn’t!

I don’t like driving in the dark as a general rule, because my one major complaint with my Allegro motorhome is that the headlights are all but useless, have been from day one and no one has been able to come up with a solution. They aren’t just a little dim, they are downright dangerous because they are next to useless ( anybody in Red Bay reading this? ). And Route 2 through this section of Minnesota looked to be moose heaven and the thoughts of a large dark object looming suddenly in front of my dim headlights just wouldn’t leave my head.

Getting very road weary I stopped in Swan River, got out the IMac, and turned on the inverter ( I know, maybe it might just be time to get an iPad ), and went online to see if maybe Grand Rapids had a Walmart. Turns out they do, so back onto dark moosey Route 2 I go. Just before Grand Rapids, there suddenly appeared a 24 hour truck stop/ gas station with a mostly empty lot out back, so I pulled in, breathed a sigh of relief, had dinner and hit the sack. Turns out to have been a nice place to stop, little truck traffic, the temps dropped down into the 50’s, and the only noise was the humming of a few thousand mosquitos, fortunately, on the other side of the screen behind my head. A good night’s sleep, after a truly long day on the road.



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