August 7, 2014 South Beach Campground, Washington

Beach bunny
Beach bunny

Still Just Goofing Off at the Beach

Just doing this post to let people know I am still alive, but have adapted only too well to my new life as a beach bum. While the weather inland has been a constant stream of 90 degree days with bright blue skies, here along the beach we have alternating days of temps in the low 60’s when enveloped in day long fog, or temps in the mid 70’s when the fog burns off. When the foggy days get to you, all you have to do is drive inland a couple of miles and you are always under bright blue skies. When I was planning this summer trip to Washington, I was under the impression that i would have to be prepared to handle long days of dreary, rainy weather, but it has been anything but! In the 90 days or so that I have been in western Washington, there have been only two days when it rained at all, and then it was only a brief shower or two.

Beach bunny
Beach bunny

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I spend most days reading or doing light work on the motorhome, a little cleaning here and there, maybe wax a small portion when I feel real ambitious ( so, of course, I haven’t really gotten much of this monster waxed ). I also have started on another method of staving off my alzhiemers, attempting to learn programming, become a coder. Both Stanford and MIT offer a lot of their regular computer sciences courses online, for free, for anyone to partake, and, since they are free, I am partaking …  slowly. With a little online searching, I have been able, so far at least, to find the accompanying course textbooks also, and have downloaded them as free PDF’s and then transferred them to my Kindle for ease of reading ( that way I don’t have to have my computer on, running down my RV batteries when I want to study ).

I haven’t done much of any photography for the past few weeks since I rarely leave the beach. The rather cute little bunny is a regular visitor to my campsite, along with many of his peers. This particular one will let me get within a few feet of him before he hops into the berry bushes just 6 feet from my door. When the dogs hop down the steps, the rabbit freezes, sometimes only 5 feet from them, and most of the time they never know he is even there. I don’t know if he is a native cottontail or an introduced eastern cottontail, but I have noticed that every one of the dozen or so rabbits I see here every day have the same small white blaze on their forehead.

Bald eagle on the beach
Bald eagle on the beach
Eagle on the beach
Walking the beach
eagle flying away
And off he goes

About the only other time I got the camera out was last night when I saw this eagle circling over the beach right outside my window. I grabbed the camera and headed to the top of the my site’s path to the beach, just as he landed on some driftwood near the bottom of the path. I slowly crept down toward the beach, keeping myself concealed by the bushes along the path, and as I did so, the eagle hopped down from his perch and, rather than flying away, started rapidly striding toward me. When he was just 30 feet away or so, some idiot also saw him and came running down the beach toward him so he could get a shot with his phone. That of course scared the bird away, just when I thought I was going to get some neat shots. Never did find what it was that had him so interested in this section of beach, maybe a rabbit had wandered out on the edge of the sand?


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