March 13, 2015 Sierra Vista, Arizona

Great Horned Owl
Great Horned Owl

A Day Trip to the Whitewater Draw

This morning I took the 60 mile, one way, journey east to check out the Whitewater Draw, an area known for wintering sandhill cranes and other waterfowl, as well as hosting a pair of great horned owls. I wanted to see if the small ( very ) camping area there was something I would be able to use and get a feel for how many rigs it might support.

The 60 mile drive was nothing special, just typical high desert scenery, no wildlife and very little traffic. There is a 3 mile slightly washboarded dirt road into the facility itself and the small semi circular pulloff for camping looked like it would hold only 3 rigs, and when I arrived there was only one there and they left shortly thereafter. No reservations here and no hookups, but it certainly looked like a nice spot to overnight. There is a 3 night stay limit. I was told by the very helpful pair of ladies camping there that when they came in there were several others there and some of them were perhaps parked along the entry road, so maybe my fear of not being able to snag a spot after driving out here may not be warranted.

After chatting with these two ladies and walking out along the shore, I feel it would definitely be worth a try when I leave Sierra Vista.

Great Horned Owl
Great Horned Owl



There were several species of ducks, great blue heron, avocets and sandhills there , in addition to the great horned owls and a barn owl. Though I didn’t have my camera in hand at the time, I also had my arch nemesis, the gray ghost ( a male Northern Harrier ) glide by not 50 feet me … just teasing me, I’m sure. I didn’t spend a lot of time there taking pictures since I believe I will return with the motorhome and spend enough time here to do the place justice.




This is the male Great horned owl roosting in the rafters of what probably was an old hay shelter, sort of an open sided barn. The female, I believe, was sitting on eggs in their nesting box, what looked like an old dresser drawer, mounted atop one of the barn beams. I could just make out her ear tuffs over the side of the drawer.

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