September 10, 2015 Dawson City, Yukon

Moose on the Move
Moose on the Move

Wednesday, September 9

Now it’s a day after my TPMS was scheduled to be delivered and still no package and the folks in the office are giving me scary stories about 3 and 4 weeks to get stuff shipped up here. UPS’s package shipping tracking says my package is still on schedule for delivery yesterday ! Guess that tells me what their tracking system is worth.

And under the category of piling it on, today I received a fraud email from Chase and it appears my credit card # has been stolen and is being used online, so they have put a freeze on my primary credit card, the one I use to pay for campgrounds and gasoline. I do carry a second card, used only in emergencies, and I guess this now qualifies as such, if I want to get back to the US.

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Dempster Highway Foliage
Dempster Highway Foliage

To get my mind off all this other unpleasant stuff, I decided to take a short road trip and check out the first few miles of the Dempster Highway. I only ventured in about 35 miles but was pleasantly surprised by how good the gravel road was, quite wide and not all that rough, of course I have no idea what it is like farther in. The aspens and birches were glowing along this first stretch of the highway.

Dempster Highway Moose
Dempster Highway Moose

The only wildlife I found were this cow moose, a few ptarmigan, and one pine marten that dashed across the road in front of me.

A Close Encounter of the Scary Kind


Just a few miles down Route 2 from the intersection with the Dempster Highway there is a roadside pulloff with a few informational signs about the area and I stopped there to stretch my legs and read those signs. I hopped back into the Prius, closed the door and glanced over my left shoulder at a rather large grizzly no more than 20 feet from the car!

The bear was silently grazing at the top of a short embankment on the edge of the pull off. While I was reading the signs, it must have been just out of sight down the short embankment. How an animal this big can be so quiet is downright scary. I never saw nor heard anything until I was safely in the car, but this guy was no more than 20 feet from me … and I was completely unaware of it’s presence!

Thursday, September 10

I have decided to give up on my TPMS ever actually arriving here in Dawson City and called UPS Canada and had them send it back to shipper. Later that afternoon I got a message from the campground office to call UPS Canada.  UPS Canada wanted me to give them a new street address for delivery, then after paying them an additional $56, they could get the package out to the Canadian Postal System for delivery, with no guaranteed delivery date. She also informed me that the reason the package had sat in limbo for almost two weeks was because they needed this street address because the package couldn’t be delivered to a PO Box. This after just telling me that the Canadian Postal Service was the entity that would be doing the final delivery of the package .. and I am to belive that the Canadian Postal Service doesn’t deliver to PO Boxes! The folks in the campground office assured ne that all their package deliveries come to their PO Box.

I informed the UPS Canada person that earlier that day I had told UPS that I could wait no longer and to return the package to the shipper and I had been assured that that would be done. She told me that while there had been a “request” to return the package to the shipper, there was no order to actually do so. She then claimed she would now do a  return order. So I called my credit card company and got the purchase of my TPMS reversed. I guess I am finally ready to depart Dawson City, unfortunately not with a new TPMS installed, but irregardless, it will be nice to finally get back on the road.

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