Alabama Hills, California
Alabama Hills, California

My name is R. A. (Bob) McQuade and I have been a full time RV’er since July 21, 2013. For 33 years I lived in Enfield, New Hampshire, and had a varied work career, from the building trades to managing a large four season resort, and for the last 20 years, owning and managing an art gallery and a few custom picture framing shops. Having owned an RV of some sort, from a pickup slide in camper to a fifth wheel to a Class C motorhome to my present Class A, I kind of knew a long time ago that I wanted to experience this “ fulltiming “ lifestyle and the past two and a half years have flown by faster than I ever thought possible.

Image of Sam and Jenny, not a lot of protection, but plenty of company
Sam and Jenny, not a lot of protection, but plenty of company


I started travel with my two small companions, Jenny ( RIP 7/5/2016 ) and Sam, and spend my days searching out wildlife and/or landscapes to photograph and my nights processing images and posting to this blog.


South of Quartzsite
South of Quartzsite

My home is my 32 foot 2004 Allegro Class A motorhome, that has proven to be a good fit for a single traveler, just short enough to be reasonably maneuverable and just long enough to provide all the creature comforts and storage space that I need. The motorhome is gasoline powered on a Workhorse chassis with a six speed Allison transmission and has ample power to tow my 2012 Prius with it’s front wheels mounted on my Acme Tow Dolly. I chose the Prius as a “toad” for it’s 50 mpg economy and figure that it kind of balances out the 8 +/- mpg of the motorhome.

Valdez, Alaska
Valdez, Alaska

In 2012, I added 3 solar panels, four 6 volt batteries, solar controller and inverter to the motorhome with the idea that once I got on the road full-time, I would then be able to spend more time in remote areas, and not be as dependent on private, and all too often, expensive campgrounds, since I do have to budget carefully to make ends meet or this journey will end sooner than I would desire.

Government Wash, Lake Mead, Nevada
Government Wash, Lake Mead, Nevada

After finding this setup just a little lacking for the amount of boon docking I was doing, in 2015 I added two more solar panels for a total of 550 watts on the rooftop, and installed a new battery monitoring system while replacing the old single stage controller with a new multi stage controller.

New 5 Panel Setup
New 5 Panel Setup

This new configuration now gives me plenty of power to run my large LCD screen TV and my power hogging 27 inch iMac pretty much as long as I need to every day without having to resort to firing up the generator. In addition to my builtin onboard Onan generator, I added a small portable Honda 2000 generator for recharging batteries on days with limited sun or when I am forced to camp under shade trees.

Denali Highway, Alaska
Denali Highway, Alaska

In preparing for my “full-time” adventures, I have gained invaluable knowledge from the blogs and websites of other full timers who have been very willing to share their experiences with others, and I would like to say thanks to all of you. In some small way, I hope I will be able to also contribute to others through this journal. Please stay tuned!


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  1. Hi,
    I was trying to identify a v. small bird outside my window this morn and you have a picture that was exactly like what I saw (Jan 2018 in Texas). You had it tentatively ID’d as an Orange Crowned Warbler. But after looking at lots of other pictures, I think it is a Ruby Crowned Kinglet. It was too small for a warbler and the bill shape was wrong for a warbler. You might want to check it out. It was a great picture and considered how active they are must have been hard to capture.
    Dianne McQuaid 🙂

  2. Hello again. I do hope that you are well.

    I contacted you several days ago to find out whether you would be okay with having one of your fine photos included for 2 second in my YouTube video. I saw a bald eagle near Pebble Creek in Yellowstone this June, but did not get a chance to photograph it.
    If you say ‘yes’ you will be credited in the video in the closing credits.

    Best Wishes, Ron

  3. Hi Bob,

    These are incredible shots – the best I’ve seen. I see that you’ve had multiple people ask if it would be ok to use some of these as references for paintings. I am an artist creating a series of flora and fauna paintings – may I use some as references? I can email you the image when completed. Thank you!

  4. I too found your site while searching for images of redwing blackbirds and would like to use some of your images for the basis of a drawing. My current work can be seen at instagram.com/sylviastarlight
    Your photographs are lovely.

  5. Hi Bob,
    As you are probably aware, Syracuse City, UT is located just outside of Antelope Island State Park. We are known as “The Gateway to Antelope Island”. We are revamping our City’s website and are looking for a couple of photos from the Island that we could feature. Can you contact us and let us know how to go about getting permission to do so.
    Thank you!

  6. Hi Bob
    I found your redwing blackbird pictures from your January 17, 2018 Falcon Lake post through google images. I love your photography and would like to know if you would be alright with me using them as a reference for a painting.

    I would be more than happy to send you an image of the finished piece!

  7. Hi Bob,
    I love your photography, especially your portraits of birds. I have seen many other artists here using your photos, and would like to know if you would be alright with me using one of your redwing blackbird photos from your January 17, 2018 Falcon Lake post as a reference for a piece?

    I would be more than happy to email you the finished image.

  8. Hello Bob
    I see many artist have ask permission to do a painting of some of your images. I too would like to ask permission. I am an equine artist but started combining other animals with my horses. In this case I would like to do a painting of a black friesian horse and one or 2 Red winged black birds. You will find more of my work on my website or FB page: The Trotting Trestle. your photographs are so beautiful and inspiring!
    Kind regards Clea

  9. Hey Bob

    Red winged black birds are all around me, and I want to paint them hovering around old maple calling the much awaited spring in Toronto. Found a photo taken by you, a bird in a lovely gesture and the details… all that I need to make an oil painting. So can I paint one? with credits to you. Love your work!

      1. Hello Bob
        I am almost done with one of my latest paintings where by I have included 3 of your red winged black birds. Have you got an email address that I can send you an image once done? Kind Regards Clea

  10. Hey Bob, love your journey and photos! Beautiful! I was recently in the Cascades as well and the scenery up there is simply breathtaking. I was hoping to be able to use one of your gorgeous Anna’s Hummingbird photos to make a poster (I won’t be selling it). I would greatly appreciate it and keep enjoying your journey!

  11. Hi Bob! I ran across one of your beautiful elk landscape photos and was hoping to use it for a poster presentation backdrop for elk research that I’ll be presenting in D.C. soon, if you’d be willing. If you are, if you could please contact me via e-mail. Thanks for your time!

  12. Hi Bob,
    I came across a picture of yours of a female cardinal in flight – gorgeous! i’m a stained glass artist and wanted to know if I could “trans;ate” it into a stained glass suncatcher for a friend of mine, and possibly a birding group in northeast PA. I would show the picture and give you credits as well,
    All of your pictures are beautiful!
    You can see some of my work on Facebook on the public page – The Felicitous Fat Cat

  13. I would be interested in purchasing a copy of the photo you took of the windsor bridge between cornish NH & windsor VT with MT Ascutney reflected in the connecticut river. My grandmother has this photo. It was purchased between 2006-2008. It took you three weeks to get the lighting just right. Please let me know how I can contact you if you are able to sell this photo again. Thank you.

  14. Bob,

    Would it be okay if we, Augusta RV, re-posted snippets of your blog to our blog? We will certainly give you credit for the original content and add a link to the article at the end of our post. Let me know!


    Peter Thomas
    Augusta RV

  15. Hi Bob,

    I just came across your blog, so cool! Love your companions! Was wondering if I might be able to look at one or a few of your beautiful Costa’s Hummie shots as reference for a Costa’s Hummie painting. I’d absolutely give you credit for your photograph. And, be happy to refer folks to your blog.
    Thanks for your consideration. Keep on RV’in’!

      1. Dear Bob,

        I completed a painting inspired by one of your Costa’s Hummie photographs after your gracious permission to do so. Please tell me where you would like for me to email you the image! Thank you again; your blog and your photos are wonderful!

          1. Hello Bob, I’m another artist interested in doing a painting of one of your pieces. I would also give you credit for it. You have incredible work! Would you permit me to do a small painting of a bird that i could sell?

  16. Dear Bob,
    I helping a guy with a report he has written for an organization that helps communities defend their interests against mining companies. A lot of his experience is in Yukon. He hopes he can put your photo “Yukon River From the Dome” on the cover, with attribution to you and citing your blog. Is that permissible?

  17. Hi Bob,
    I found your website (which is awesome) while searching for Scott’s Oriole images. I am coauthoring a field guide to be called Birds of the Pacific Northwest (Scott’s Orioles breed in one small mountain range in southern Idaho). Small publisher, small project, small audience, so no budget for outside-sourced photos, but if you’d allow us to use your Scott’s Oriole photos, in addition to copies of the book, and credit therein, we will also create a “photographer profile” page for you, with hot links to your websites, on each of three different websites, including a website dedicated specifically to the book. And of course I’d be more than happy to repay you additionally with travel help any time you are in Oregon. Please let me know if this photo use would be possible and in any case, thanks for your time and keep up the great fun you are providing with your travel website! Best, John Shewey

  18. Hi Bob. I’m in the UK and still stuck in the rat race. Very, very envious of you right now! Thanks for a great blog and some fantastic photos to look at. What camera are you using?

    1. I use the Nikon D800 as well as Nikon lens 18-200mm, 200-400mm and 600mm. The large, all but medium format sensor in the D800 gives one the ability to crop dramatically and still have large size images, something i find quite handy when shooting small hummingbirds and such.

  19. Dear Bob,

    I’m a biologist who loves working on birds! I really liked one of you Anna’s Hummingbird picture and I was wondering if you’d be willing to allow me to use it for educational purposes.

    Thanks for your time,


        1. Where that image is 1200 pixels wide, the full res. version is a little over 3000 pixels wide. I will send it to your email address, keep me posted please.

  20. I’m wondering about your toad, does it ever scrape the tail when going onto driveways or rough roads? I’m thinking of doing the same thing with my Prius. I hate to sell it off when it is so reliable and I know its history of maintenance. What dolly do you have?


      1. I bought the tow dolly from Acme Tow Dolly Company in North Carolina, based on $ and weight. They seemed to have quite a few good reviews and in 2 + years I have had no problems with it. I am not aware of ever scraping the tail of the Prius when going down a back road, at least I see no signs of damage back there, so I assume I haven’t. Sorry for the previous delay in responding to your ? but I am fighting through some serious problems with my blog server ( host ) and have a lot of trouble getting stuff to upload.

  21. Dear Bob,
    We bought some of your framed bird photos. Finally we are getting around to hanging them, and want to add another with a pop of color. Is there a place I can view your available prints? Tell me how to contact you to discuss the details.

  22. What an adventure you are on!!! Of course your photos are gorgeous, all of them! I especially liked that beautiful bear from glacier park, you Amish pics, especially the hay stack one, beautiful horses, cows blocking road, wildlife and on and on. But, I had to look twice at the Rt 2 pics. Before I read the explanation that’s exactly what I thought, movie set for sure. The story and the pics are incredible. Talk about adventure. A new one every day. Love the dialog too.

    Well Ron wants his turn next. Looking forward to following you.
    Happy trails and stay safe.

    1. Thanks for the nice comments and I hope you will continue to enjoy! When I finally resume painting, I will find some way to post any good ones that may happen for you to critique

  23. What a wonderful blog Bob! Your pictures are lovely, and I especially loved the pictures of the Montana horses (wonder why…). I hope to spend more time reading, but had to steal a few minutes from work to check this out. Thanks for sending me a link, I look forward to following your travels.

    1. Believe it or not, I was thinking of you when I was photographing the horses. I guess I never really looked at horses all that closely before and none I have ever photographed were in such a great location or looked as healthy and perfect!

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