Full Time Expenses

For those of you interested in knowing what it might cost to live on the road full time, I am glad to share financial results for calendar years 20162015 and 2014.

In 2015 I took a five month trip to Alaska resulting in a lot more miles put on the motorhome along with higher gasoline and food prices once north of the border.

The last two months of 2015 plus the first two and a half months of 2016 were spent in Salineno, Texas, volunteering as a cohost at the birding station there. I decided to take this, my first time volunteer position, in part to offset the higher expenses incurred in 2015 by the Alaska trip. A free campsite was part of that deal and obviously there would therefore be no gasoline poured through the motorhome nor any camping fees, while I sat in one place until March of 2016.

2016 was a bad year for unanticipated expenses as my 7 year old iMac died and had to be replaced, ditto for my 8 year old Nikon D800 camera, and my motorhome flat screen television. I also finally broke down and replaced my old Nikon 18-200mm lens with two new, much higher quality lens.







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  1. This is great information and I’m using it to help figure my own budget for fulltime RVing. When you give the figure of $17.88 for campground fees, that is an average for everyday of the year. Do you have stats on how many days you stayed at a paid campground vs a free campground?

    1. Good question, I should have included that in the report. In Fact, I will add it, thanks.

      I stayed 238 nights in private campgrounds and State Parks. State Parks average around $20 – 25/ night, private $30- 35. I spent 51 nights in one spot, South Beach in Washington, at $5/ night and I would consider that all but free camping. That leaves 76 nights of $ 0 free camping, mostly in the desert out west. Prices for campgrounds are dramatically higher east of the Mississippi and there is little public land to boondock on unlike the desert southwest, so anytime spent in the east is going to cost a lot more than time spent out west.

  2. This is a fantastic page, I wish more people would break out their expenses for other to see. Very helpful resource for those looking to go fulltime. Thanks for making the internet a more rv friendly places. Best of luck and happy travels.

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