March 5, 2014 Travel Day

Milton, Florida to Bolivar Peninsula, Texas

A long day of driving. I left Milton, Florida at 5:30 in the morning to be sure to get through Mobile, AL before rush hour. Traffic on I-10 and I-12 was very heavy all day long, no real delays anywhere, just solid two and three lanes of traffic all day. Arrived at the Bolivar Peninsula RV Park at 5:30 PM, a much longer day of driving than I would normally do. I had intended to stop in Iowa, LA. for a couple of days, to break up the long drive, but weather reports persuaded me to do otherwise and drive straight through, all of 520 miles today, so I would have a day or two of good weather to visit the rookery in High Island before heading down to Goose Island for my 2 week stay with the whooping cranes.

Upon arrival at the Port Bolivar RV Park, when I tried to connect to the internet, I was unable to do so, even though my Verizon Jetpac shows 4G at full strength and I have always been able to connect when here in the past, though sometimes the connection would be intermittant. Played around with it for quite a bit but can’t get it to work! Unplugged everything and hope tomorrow will be OK. After a loooong day, I retired early, eagerly looking forward to get back to the rookery in High Island, first thing tomorrow.


March 3, 2014 Milton, Florida

Officially now a Floridian

I drove up to Crestview to pick up my mail at MyRVMail hoping that my proof of insurance cards would be there and I then could proceed over to the Okaloosa County Tax Collector’s office to get my two vehicles registered and obtain my Florida driver’s license. Unfortunately, they weren’t there, so, turn around and go back home and get on the computer and try to find proof of insurance cards myself.

With my insurance cards printed, back up to the tax collector’s office, and, whow!!, what a shock to this poor country boy. I enter a large room with about 100 people waiting in 5 rows of benches, to be waited on by clerks set up in 9 separate bays. As I enter the room, in front of me I find a computer touch screen that tells me to input what I am there for, then it spits out a waiting number for me and tells me to take a seat. This is just a little more crowded and high tech than I expected here in the Florida panhandle, Florida’s “wilderness” counties. In the front of the room is a large flat screen TV with some cooking channel on, and scrolling under the show is text explaining all the services that are offered here. Every few minutes, it scrolls the expected waiting time for services for new arrivals and displays the call number of the next customer to be served and which booth they are to go to. Actually, it is a very nice, and apparently efficient setup. They do everything here, vehicle registration, titles, driver’s licenses, property taxes, and the list goes on and on.

After about a 40 minute wait, I am called up and am pleasantly surprised at how easily the process goes for my registrations, titles, and new Florida driver’s license. With the immense amount of computer input the woman waiting on me has to do, the entire process takes about 40 minutes, but there are no glitches, I did have everything I needed, ( and it turns out, I did not need my VIN verification papers ) and I walk out freed of my bonds to the state of New Hampshire, I am now a Floridian. As such, the first thing I want to do as a new citizen is get rid of all those annoying, campground filling snowbirds.


March 2, 2014 Milton, Florida

Begin the “Florida Process”

I made a run in to the Milton Police Station to get a VIN verification done on the Prius and to make sure they could also do the motorhome before driving it in, a process required to get a Florida title and registration for the vehicles. No problem with either, so I went back to the campground and stowed everything on the Rv and took it back down to the Milton P. D. and had the VIN verification done for it. I believe the only thing left that I need to do is hope my proof of insurance has come in at My RV Mail in Crestview, and I will find out if it is there first thing tomorrow.

With nothing left to do on my Florida checklist, I watched some golf on TV and processed photos from Bayou Segnette.

December 30, 2013 Goose Island, Texas

Weather today has turned much cooler, and, as seems to be usual lately, it is solid grey overcast and spitting rain, so I have spent the day trying to figure out Facebook, an entity I have always detested, but now figure I may as well learn how to employ it’s supposed benefits to publicizing my wildlife photography interests.

Nothing to post today but since I have been playing around half the day with my Facebook page ( Robert McQuade ), I am doing this post to see if my auto link will actually work. The first one I installed removed my ability to post a photo on my blog, so I am testing this second one to see if it messes up anything on WordPress, or on Facebook.

Horses follow the leader
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