March 22, 2014 Goose Island State Park

Not Exactly Another Day in Paradise

Stayed in all day to watch over my site after last night’s fiasco. Literally sat in my chair and watched TV, read, etc. all day since I did not dare leave my site unattended. Fruitlessly relayed my experience of last night to the park ranger, but, other than have a talk with the jerks next door, he had nothing to offer.

Desperately needing sleep, I closed the motorhome up, pulled all the shades, closed all the windows, set the AC at 62 degrees, turned on a fan a few feet from my head in the bedroom and retired for the night at 10 PM.

March 21, 2014 Second Post Goose Island State Park

Trouble Brewing

Tents started popping up on the two sites next to me, #26 and #27, and lots of fishing equipment being unloaded as I headed out to the pastures. Looks a little sketchy, I am a little worried about this development.

Got a few early morning shots including finding a scissortail up by Big Tree and then went into Walmart for a little shopping. When I got back home, it looked like a family reunion next door about 20 people, 7 tents and 7 vehicles, and ominously, night fishing light stands.

I intentionally stayed up later than usual with all the noise and commotion outside my bedroom window and finally retired a little after 11 PM. With my bedroom lit up like a reading room and car doors slamming, fisherman talking ( all this is going on only 15 feet from my headboard ), coolers being opened and slammed shut, well you get the picture. I tossed and turned, fuming, until I could no longer take it and, at 4AM, went out to plead with these inconsiderate morons to please stop and let me get just a few hours sleep. Concerned about retribution, I still didn’t get any sleep, and after peeking out and seeing one of them urinating on the side of my cabana, I figured I had better get outside and keep an eye on my vehicles until it got light.

With dawn the adults ( ? ) retired and the wives, girlfriends and kids came out to play. I actually could not get an accurate count of all the bodies on those two campsites, but it probably was close to 30 and the noise was constant 24 hours a day. What had been 12 days of the most enjoyable camping ever, overnight turns into the worst camping experience of my life.

What is wrong with the Texas Wildlife and Park people? How about some controls on the number of people, number of vehicles, and number of shelters allowed on a site. This bunch belonged in a group camping area, not in 2 regular sites destroying theirs neighbors’ chance at an enjoyable camping experience.