December 20, 2013 Port Aransas, Texas

Well, since I know there is a nice laundromat here in Port Aransas, that will be my project for this muggy, hazy, foggy day. Three large loads took care of that task and I escaped with two quarters left in my roll. Between washing and drying, I ran down to the water treatment plant to check on the ducks. Pulling into the parking lot, I was a little surprised to see the lot empty at 10 AM, but a quick stroll out along the boardwalk explained it to me…there is nothing here! A couple of coots out on the water and a few green winged teal and northern shovelers sitting around in the edge of the reed beds, but nothing whatsoever out on the water. Guess it must be too early?

Can’t really say I saw much in the way of ducks on the water while coming over the causeway from Corpus Christie yesterday, but I thought that may have been due to the strong winds and stormy seas. I have only been here twice before and both times it was in February and the ducks and wading birds were here then in great numbers, so perhaps it is just timing. I will sit it out a few days and wait for the cold front to come in and see if that stirs up some action. If not then I will probably move on towards New Orleans and down to Grand Isle for a month.

December 6, 2013 Falcon Lake State Park, Texas

Weather very grey and cold, temps in the 30’s to low 40’s, but no real precipitation. I consider myself lucky to have made it this far south and am missing the mess covering most of Texas right now.

Poked around the park a little and came across one fishing osprey, a small flock of great egrets, a blue heron, and a pair of caracaras down by the boat launch. Almost no small bird activity due to the extreme cold. I set up my bird feeders just in case anything might be out and about, but haven’t seen anything.

Weather gives me a good excuse to get caught up on image processing and blog posts! Nice and warm and toasty inside, really raw and nasty out!