September 17, 2019 Massachusetts Highs to Lows

Mount Greylock to the Coast

Fried Clams at The Clam Box

Highs and lows … from the summit of Mount Greylock, at 3491′, Massachusett’s highest point, to Salisbury Beach State Reservation, at sea level, the photo above reveals the true high point of this week’s travels. Fried clams from the Clam Box in Ipswich, MA.! Been waiting for this for six years! Kind of pricey, but oh so good. $36 for lunch is a little out of my normal price range, but they don’t skimp on the clams and they were so good.

Old Barn Charlemont, MA.

Tuesday morning, I was up and on the road before 7 AM to visit Mount Greylock in western Massachusetts. Came upon this great old barn while traveling the back roads.

View From Whitcomb Summit

From my campsite in Charlemont, I took the Mohawk Trail (Route 2) up to Whitcomb summit, where I stopped for this photo of the valley below, actually hidden in the fog is the town of North Adams.

From the summit of Mount Greylock

The view from the summit of Mount Greylock was quite similar on this gorgeous blue sky morning.

Mount Greylock War Memorial

This imposing structure is the War Memorial at the summit of the mountain.

Newburyport from Salisbury State Park

From Mount Greylock, I returned to the Country Aire Campground in Charlemont and loaded up the Equinox (so nice not to have to mess around with the tow dolly anymore) and checked out at 11 AM , heading for the Massachusetts coast and the campground at the Salisbury State Reservation (State Park).  The image above was taken at the boat launch site within the park, looking up the Merrimack River to the town of Newburyport. In a past life, many times I used this boat ramp to launch my boat for attempts at Bluefish and Stripped Bass.

Mouth of the Merrimak River

Today, while the river looked relatively calm, the ocean was stirred up from a brisk wind out of the north, bringing with it rather chilly overnight temps in the 40’s, perfect sleeping weather for my tastes.

I am booked here through Friday night, then have to leave and head up the coast of Maine. Would like to have stayed a few more days but all 494 campsites are reserved for Saturday night … and it is the off-season for the coast, just too many old retired farts taking up too much space if you ask me. And this campground goes for a cool $50.83/night, resort prices for a decidedly less than resort facility.  I can remember when the place was mostly empty after Labor Day and campsites were under $20. Ah, the good old days!