July 25, 2013 A week in Amish Country

Berlin, Holmes County, Ohio

Arrived at Scenic Hills Rv Park around none and was assigned site #122 in the lower section. Weather was nice, so I got myself set up and then did a run around the immediate area to get my bearings, and, hopefully find a grocery store to stock up, saw some nice landscapes and a few closed farm stands ( it was now after 5 PM ) but did not find a grocery store.  Went back to my site and turned on the Jet Pac to search for the nearest grocery and, uh oh, no signal. Sitting down in the hollow here in the lower section, the surrounding hills block both my Verizon signal and the campgrounds WIFI. Will have to see if I can get moved up top tomorrow.

Amish Country Farmscape Panorama
Amish Country Farmscape

I thought it was very considerate of these cows to pose so perfectly for this farm country landscape.

Amish Barn Raising
Amish Barn Raising

Saw this crew starting the framing of a small barn late this afternoon as I was running around looking for a grocery store. By the next afternoon, the roof was on.