October 10, 2019 Lyndon, Vermont

Driving the Back Roads of Northern Vermont

Just an amazing day driving the dirt roads looking for, and finding, some really nice color.

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This is the eastern shore of Crystal Lake in Barton.

Nice cabin location, but not exactly what you would call an easy building site. I’d be really curious how they could put in a septic system on that lot. If I ever get any blue sky, I will have to go back some evening to shoot that shore again, the dull white skies this evening didn’t do justice to the incredible color on that rocky hillside.

Finally found some willing models for my foliage shots, and I found more a little farther down the road.

The color in places is almost hard to believe, some of the most intense colors I have ever seen up here in the northeast.

More very cooperative holsteins.

I guess I have this post a little bit in reverse, leading off with my evening shots and finishing up with these early morning reflection shots.

I still am camping in the mechanic’s shop parking lot waiting for a diagnosis on my motorhome gas problem. Not the greatest surroundings, but the price is right.

Until I get out of here, I am afraid I will have to keep doing Vermont foliage posts. I have also been spending quite a bit of time looking for moose up here, but have had no luck … yet.

October 9, 2019 Lyndon, Vermont

Vermont Foliage

After spending a restful night at my new campsite in the parking lot of a truck mechanic shop, waiting for them to be able to get my motorhome worked into their schedule, I arose bright and early to head west and explore the higher elevations along Route 105. Frustrating as usual was the start of the day as I spent the first 2 hours and 70 miles traveling in dense fog. Finally, as I ascended upward around Jay Peak, I got above the fog and saw some of the first nice color of the day.

As always, right click on any image for a larger version in a new window or tab.

What the fog below was concealing.

It seems there is an unwritten law that the brightest foliage is required to always be located behind utility wires. Since the property was posted, I couldn’t walk in any farther to get past the electric lines.

I got off Route 105 and started puttering around the dirt roads once I got out from under the fog.

And this kind of scene was the reward!

An abundance of brilliant colors all throughout this area of northern Vermont.

This area will require a return trip to further explore the backroads to see what kind of gems they might reveal. If the weather holds, I most likely will return tomorrow.